UPS Quantum View API

File Download for Quantum View

The Quantum View® Application Programming Interface (API) makes downloading your shipment data even easier. The Quantum View API allows you to automate the file retrieval process and import Quantum View data directly into your back-end systems. This direct channel of critical, time-sensitive shipment information can help your business operate more efficiently and effectively.
Create your own schedule to retrieve Quantum View files when you need them, up to every hour. After this one-time setup, shipment information automatically downloads from UPS at the times you specify. Fully customisable and platform-independent, the Quantum View API can be seamlessly integrated with almost any database or enterprise system.
Integration of this API requires access to information technology resources familiar with XML. During implementation, you can access your files from the Quantum View file download page.

What You Need to Get Started

The UPS Developer Kit provides a blueprint for integrating UPS APIs and contains:

  • A developer's guide with instructions on how to integrate this API into your e-commerce application.
  • A reference guide containing code samples for Java and Visual Basic programming languages that can be used as an additional resource during integration.

To get started:

1. Select the link below to get a Developer´s Key, which gives you access to the Developer´s Guide.

Get a Developer's Key

2. Download the Developer's Kit zip file.

3. Acquire an Access Key, which you'll need to access UPS systems upon implementation.