UPS Returns Manager™

Convenience and Control: The Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to returns, offering your customers the convenience they want doesn't have to mean sacrificing the control and flexibility you need. With UPS Returns Manager™, your customers can return purchases as easily as they track a package. At the same time, you get all the information you need to anticipate impacts to inventory and route your returns to be processed for repair, repackaging, or restocking.

Your customers can generate an authorised return label by searching a tracking number on or linking directly from a delivery email. Meanwhile, your business uses an administrative portal on to set preferences for all your returns. You decide what your customer sees and the details they can or must provide, including:

  • Eligible return period
  • Reasons for return
  • Return comments

With UPS Returns Manager, you no longer have to rely on printed return labels tucked into every outgoing package. You get more visibility and data control than a preprinted label could provide, with no IT development cost or integration. Eliminate the complication and cost of lost return labels and retain full order lifecycle visibility of outbound and inbound movement. Proactively prepare for returns, even predetermine return address location based on the type of merchandise or need for repair.

Give your customers our easiest returns solution yet, while increasing efficiency and visibility for your business.

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