Validate the Ship To Address

When you type the address of the person or company to receive your shipment, the City-State-Zip Validator checks that the city or town, state/province/county, and postal code are a valid combination. See Address Guidelines.

Here is how validation works:

  1. Type the information on the Ship To tab in the Shipping window.

    After you type a code in the Postal Code box and press the Tab key, the City-State-Zip Validator displays the closest city or town and state. You can change the entries in the City or Town and State/Province/County boxes.

  2. Click the Process Shipment button.

  1. Scroll through the list of valid city or town, state/province/county, and postal code combinations and select the combination you want. If you select a combination that includes a range of postal codes, type a postal code from the range in the Select Postal Code box.

  2. Click one of the following buttons: