Use a Tab Order to Speed Up Processing

You can change the tabbing order in the Shipping window to suit your business needs for a specific profile. By changing the tabbing order, you can more closely match your entry requirements to the entry fields in the Shipping window and reduce the need to tab past unnecessary fields. Changing the tabbing order may save time and speed up shipment processing. Only one tabbing order can be defined for each profile; however, you can change the tabbing order for a particular profile at any time.

The Tab Order box in the Profile Editor window allows you to choose one of three predefined tabbing orders (see below). If none of these tabbing orders closely matches your entry requirements, you can create a custom tabbing order using the Tab Order Editor. Once you create a custom tab order, its name appears in the Tab Order box in the Profile Editor window along with the predefined tab orders.

The predefined tab orders are:

For more information on the exact entry fields in the above options, see Compare the Predefined Tabbing Orders.