Shipper Information Tab in the Shipper Editor Window

The Shipper Information tab allows you to add the address information for a new shipper or modify some fields for an existing shipper.

Using the Shipper Information tab:

  1. To add shipper information for a new shipper, provide the information in the appropriate boxes. See Address Guidelines.

  2. To modify shipper information for an existing shipper:

  3. View the following read-only fields: Address 1, Address 2, Country/Territory, Postal Code, City or Town, State/Province/County, UPS Account Number, and PTN.

  4. Verify and update the following fields as needed: Shipper Name, Contact, Address 3, Telephone, Fax, Tax ID Number, Tax ID Type, and E-mail Address (see Validate E-mail Addresses).

  1. Click the OK button. The Shipper Editor window appears.

  2. Click the Close button. The Shipping window appears.