Assign a Profile to a Shipper using the Profile Editor

You can create a profile and then assign the profile to one or more shippers using the Profile Editor.

To assign the profile to a shipper using the Profile Editor:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Profile Editor. The Profile Editor window replaces the Shipping window. The Profile Editor window looks like the Shipping window, but a closer look reveals a few differences.  The Profile Editor Welcome window may appear.

    If you do not want the Profile Editor Welcome window to appear each time you select the Profile Editor, select the Don’t Show This Message Again in the Future check box. If this window does not appear, skip to step 3.

  2. Click the OK button. The Profile Editor window appears again.

  3. Click the Shippers button. The Shipper Profiles window appears.

  4. Do one of the following:

  1. After you have completed your selection(s), click the OK button. The Profile Editor window appears.

  2. Click the Close button.