Set Up Cost Center Calculator Rates


Use the Cost Center Calculator to update the shipping charges displayed by UPS WorldShip for shippers approved to ship using negotiated rates. These updated rates do not affect your UPS billed shipping charges. Instead, the updated rates affect only the shipping rates you charge your customers.

To access the Cost Center Calculator:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Cost Center Calculator. The Cost Center Calculator window appears.

  2. For more information, click the Help menu and then click Cost Center Calculator Help.

After setting up your Cost Center Calculator rates, use the Shipper Editor to specify where you want to see these rates (that is, in the Shipping and Shipment History windows, on the package and shipment doc labels, and on the Daily Shipment Detail Report).  If you do not want to show rates in WorldShip, the Shipper Editor also allows you to select a No Rates option. You can also select storage preferences for rates, which are used during shipment exports. See Set Rate Type and Storage Preferences.