Resend Data to UPS

Note:  See Local Area Network (LAN) workstation restrictions.

The Resend Data to UPS command is normally inactive. If you attempt to send data to UPS and the transmission fails (as shown on the status bar or by the red "NOT SENT" message next to the date and time), you can attempt to resend your shipment data.  

To resend data to UPS:

  1. Under UPS Pickups in the Shipment History window, select the Pending Pickup group for which you want to resend data to UPS.

  2. On the Activities menu, click Resend Data to UPS. The package data for the selected Pending Pickup group is sent to UPS.

  3. Make sure the shipment data is identified, by date and time, under UPS Pickups in the Shipment History window.

  4. Select the date and time entry under UPS Pickups and make sure the status bar shows the data was sent.