Process Identical Shipments with a Distribution List

On the Distribution tab in the Shipping window, you can use all or a portion of an existing distribution list to process identical shipments to multiple customers. When using a distribution list, you do not specify the Ship To address on the Ship To tab.

Note:  For information on creating and maintaining a distribution list, see About the Address List Editor.

To process identical shipments to multiple customers using an existing distribution list:

  1. Specify the shipment details on the Service, Options, Detail, and Reference tabs as needed. See Specify the Shipping Services, Specify the Shipping Options, Specify the Shipping Details, and Specify the Reference Numbers.

  2. On the Distribution tab, click the down arrow in the Distribution List box and select the desired distribution list. All currently defined Ship To names for the selected distribution list are listed in the display box.

  3. Modify the selected distribution list as needed:

  1. Click the Process Distribution List button. A message asks you to confirm the number of shipments.

  2. Click the Yes button to process the shipments or the No button to cancel the shipments. A message explains where the shipments are listed in the Shipment History window.

  3. Click the OK button.