Print Test Labels for Returns Flexible Access Shipment Option Shipments

Note: The Returns Flexible Access shipment option is available on the Options tab only if you have a contract for this shipment option. See Returns Flexible Access in Shipment and Package Options.

Before using the Returns Flexible Access shipment option to process shipments, you must print test shipping labels and certify the labels with UPS.

To print test labels:

  1. Enter the shipment information. See Process a Shipment with Returns Flexible Access Shipment Option.

  2. Print the test labels using one of the following:

  3. On the Activities menu, click Print UPS Returns Flexible Access Test Label.

  4. Click the Print Test Label(s) button.

The test label prints.


UPS WorldShip does not:

  1. Save the information to the Shipment History window.

  2. Clear the Shipping window, which allows you to print multiple test labels.

  1. Clear the Shipping window by selecting Undo Changes on the Activities menu or by clicking the Undo button on the toolbar.