Set Up for Thermal 4 x 8 1/4 Labels with Extended Area

Note:  See Local Area Network (LAN) workstation restrictions.

You can use Thermal 4" x 8¼" (or local equivalent) stock to print labels with an extended area. The extended area (2 inches  or local equivalent at either the top or the bottom) allows you to customize your labels with a generic barcode, preprinted label stock, SSCC-18 barcode, graphical image (company logo), or reference numbers. In addition to printing reference numbers in the extended area, you can print two reference numbers as part of the label information. See Configure Reference Numbers to Print on Labels.

To set up the thermal label printer to print Thermal 4" x 8¼" (or local equivalent) labels with an extended area:

  1. On the Tools menu, click System Preferences. The System Preferences Editor window appears.

  2. On the Printing Setup tab, click the Label Printer Setup button. The Label Printer Setup window appears.

  3. Under Printer, click the Change Label Printer button. The Printer Selection window appears.

  4. Select your thermal label printer and click the Select button. The Label Printer Setup window appears again.

  5. Under Label Configuration:

  1. On the Printing Setup tab:

Tip: The reference numbers will not print on the test label; however, the reference numbers will print on a real label.