Specify Goods Details for the CN 22

When processing an international shipment, you may need to specify details about its contents (the goods) for export purposes. Before you can specify goods details for the Customs Declaration CN 22, you must select the Print CN 22 check box under CN 22 on the UPS Mail Innovations tab or the UPS SurePost tab in the Shipper Editor window.

To complete the CN 22 goods information:

  1. Click the Documents tab in the Shipping window. The CN 22 tab appears on the Documents tab.

  2. Select the Print CN 22 Label check box.

  3. Complete the information on the CN 22 tab as needed. See Provide International Documentation Info for UPS Mail Innovations Shipments or Provide International Documentation Info for UPS SurePost Shipments.

  4. Click the Goods button. The Good - CN22 tab on the Goods window appears.

  5. Type a description of the good in the Description of Good box or click the down arrow and select a previously entered description.

  6. Type the tariff code in the Tariff Code box if needed.

  7. Click the down arrow in the Country/Territory of Origin box and select a country/territory of origin.

  8. Type the total number of units in the Units box.

  9. Click the down arrow in the Unit of Measure box and select how you are measuring the units.

  10. Type the price of a single unit of the good in the Unit Price box.

  11. US dollar appears in the Currency box and the box is inactive.

  12. Click the Add button when you have specified all the information about the first good.

    The Unit Price multiplied by the Units is the Total Value. The maximum Total Value cannot exceed 999,999.99.

  13. Repeat Steps 5 through 12 for each good in your shipment.

    You must enter at least one good but cannot exceed three goods.

  14. Click the Close button.

  15. Click the Process Shipment button.