Package Type Codes for UPS SurePost Shipments

For UPS SurePost shipments, click the down arrow in the Package Type box on either the Service or Detail tab to determine the availability of package types. After you select a package type on either of these tabs, UPS WorldShip automatically selects the same package type on the other tab.

Note: The Package Type box shows custom package types in addition to the UPS SurePost package types.  See About the Package Type Editor.

The following package types are available in the UPS Service box:





Select for packages contained in boxes, cartons, or any other non-letter enclosure.


UPS Tube

Select for protecting documents that must be rolled rather than folded. Its dimensions are 38" x 6" x 6".

Refer to the UPS Rate and Service Guide for more information on package types. For information on obtaining this guide, see Use the UPS Rate and Service Guide.