Disable and Enable LAN Remote Workstations

Note: The following tasks are available only if you are working on a Local Area Network (LAN) administrative workstation.

Occasionally, you will need to disable LAN remote workstations so that you can perform maintenance tasks, such as downloading UPS WorldShip upgrades.

To disable all LAN remote workstations:

  1. On the Remote Workstations menu, click Disable Remote Access. Each active LAN remote workstation beeps, and a message appears on its status bar to warn the LAN remote user that WorldShip is going to automatically shut down.

  2. Once the warning phase is finished, WorldShip automatically shuts down each LAN remote workstation and discards any shipment in progress.

Note:  If a LAN remote user tries to start WorldShip on a disabled LAN remote workstation, WorldShip will not start, and a warning message appears.

To enable all LAN remote workstations: