UPS Trackpad®

UPS Trackpad can help you to save time, trim costs, and improve customer satisfaction by using real-time delivery information to monitor packages from the loading dock to the end recipient.

Now with improved scanning technology, as well as other key updates, UPS Trackpad can help your business quickly resolve potential issues in receiving, shipping or tracking. This solution provides advance option visibility, informing your customers that their shipments are moving sooner.

Track packages in real-time, capturing delivery and providing end-to-end accountability.

How it works

Handheld scanning devices are used to scan shipments and capture data, inclusive of delivery time, date, location, the internal recipient’s name and signature (when applicable.) The data is kept in the cloud and is protected against potential and accidental deletion or corruption. Easily manage one or multiple sites from one central database and protect your customer’s data using the latest industry standards and best practices.

The software stores all delivery information, alerts recipients via email of incoming shipments, and even generates management reports. Employees can check delivery status right from their desktops using this web-based, cloud system.

Get Started

Trackpad is in use in the United States, Canada, Italy, China Mainland, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, India, Singapore and Germany and could be used anywhere in the world. Multi-Language Support allows users to enjoy UPS Trackpad in their preferred language.

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