Quantum View® Custom

Optimized High-volume Shipment Tracking for Your Business

Take your business model from reactive to proactive and immediately address issues--before they become problems. Quantum View Custom gives you complete visibility into your supply chain in an easy-to-use format. Use this detailed information to notify customers about changes to their shipment status, adjust staffing as needed, and help create a more flexible supply chain.

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Customization to Fit Your Needs

Our experts can work with your company to tailor a solution that presents your shipping data in a simple, understandable way. Quantum View Custom is Web-based, requires no internal IT resources to implement, and can be tied into existing accounting and customer service systems for ultimate efficiency.

Enhanced Filters for In-depth Information

Quantum View Custom gives you a broader range of information than other Quantum View products. You get at-a-glance views of your supply chain as a whole, plus an in-depth look at each individual shipment, all with a straightforward, built-to-order interface.

Check your shipments using multiple filters--like UPS account numbers and delivery types--and let our technology fit into your business model, not the other way around.

Whether you want to sort by inbound or outbound shipments, imports and exports, internal reference numbers, or a combination of all, Quantum View Custom puts it on one screen and makes it easy to process.

More Insight, Improved Operations

Use your enhanced capabilities and perspective to:

  • Plan ahead--adjust staffing levels at your warehouse based on the volume of shipments expected or immediately schedule replacement shipments if a shipping delay occurs
  • Generate clarified proof of delivery signatures, increasingly demanded by retailers
  • Track "street-dated" items such as movies, music, and games from dock to dock to ensure availability when promised--perfect for your heavily-promoted, first-day sales

Manage your shipments better and get customization--without complexity--with Quantum View Custom.

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