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Returns Management & Reverse Logistics Solutions

Make returns management your competitive advantage.

How you manage returns can mean the difference a good business and a great business.

With capabilities like omnichannel management, process automation, e-commerce site integration, and end to end supply chain services, UPS returns solutions can help improve security, cycle time, post-sales support and inventory management.

Compare Return Solutions

Different returns solutions for different needs:

  • Box with a backwards facing arrow


    Easily send customers labels for efficient returns and tracking.

  • Box with a backwards facing arrow and a plus sign


    Provide pre-paid returns with UPS driver pick up for greater control over cycle times and package security.

  • Two boxes with arrows indicating an exchange


    Puts you in control of having UPS deliver replacements in exchange for the customer's return item.

  • Computer screen


    Integrate enhanced return processes and visibility into your customer-facing website or customer service software.


Smarter returns.

  • Man and woman standing in an office pointing at a white board

    Create a great returns policy

    Build a customer-centric returns policy that helps your bottom line.

  • Person in a striped shirt scanning a brown box

    Offer free shipping

    Learn how to offer free shipping without breaking the bank.

  • Woman holding a blue shirt in a store, handing it to a man

    Turn returns into sales

    A return is not the end of your customer relationship.

  • Woman closing up a box with clear tape

    Protect your business from fraudulent returns

    Bad guys are out there. Learn how to outsmart them.


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