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Returns Management & Reverse Logistics Solutions

Who needs this information?

This is for businesses. If you need to start a shipment, click here. If you want to find an Access Point, click here.

Different returns solutions for different needs

  • A box with a circle with line through it

    No box, no label, no problem.

    Make returns easy for your customers with our “no box, no label” returns solution at any of 4,800 The UPS Store® locations.

  • Box with a backwards facing arrow

    Labels, simplified

    Generate return labels with UPS Returns®.

  • Box with a backwards facing arrow and a plus sign

    Labels and driver pick ups

    Provide pre-paid return labels with UPS driver pick ups with UPS Returns Plus®.

  • Silhouette of a person holding a box

    Create a better returns process

    Use UPS Returns Manager to simplify the end-to-end returns process.

  • Two boxes with arrows indicating an exchange

    Quick and easy hand off

    A UPS driver will deliver a replacement product in exchange for the returned item with UPS Returns® Exchange.

  • Computer screen

    Automate returns

    Let your customers make return requests directly from your website with UPS Returns Technology.

  • Circle with three trucks indicating a cycle

    Improve your customer's experience

    A returned product does not mean the end of the sale. Continue to nurture that relationship with UPS Reverse Logistics and Post-Sales Services.

  • Envelope

    Convenient returns

    UPS Mail Innovations® Returns allows your customers to drop their returns at the post office, personal mailbox, or USPS collection box.


Smarter returns.

  • Man and woman standing in an office pointing at a white board

    Create a great returns policy

    Build a customer-centric returns policy that helps your bottom line.

  • Person in a striped shirt scanning a brown box

    Offer free shipping

    Learn how to offer free shipping without breaking the bank.

  • Woman holding a blue shirt in a store, handing it to a man

    Turn returns into sales

    A return is not the end of your customer relationship.

  • Woman closing up a box with clear tape

    Protect your business from fraudulent returns

    Bad guys are out there. Learn how to outsmart them.


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