E-Commerce Supply Chain

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E-Commerce Supply Chain

Sounds simple, but as you know, the process between receiving an order and a satisfied customer is pretty complex. So having the front end processes of picking, packing, shipping and tracking integrate with your back end systems for inventory management, returns and accounting is essential. For this to work seamlessly and provide rapid scalability is golden. With all of those functions integrated with your existing ecommerce supply chain systems, you can make inventory management, accounting, and scaling your business a seamless undertaking.

To this end, UPS offers many options in addition to flexible shipping to empower your online business. We have technology tools for business systems, visibility for you and your customers, plus simplified returns to keep customers satisfied. With UPS, it's easy to find an e-commerce solution to work for you.

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Who This Is For

Retailers who want to implement or enhance e-commerce or Consumer Goods suppliers who plan to use online sales to build or boost direct-to-consumer transactions.

Technology and Tools for E-Commerce

Whether you have a thriving online presence or are just starting to investigate Internet sales, UPS has the expertise, tools and technology to build business and increase agility, allowing you to focus on your products and customer service. Take advantage of our integrated technologies, comprehensive shipping options and operations tools to streamline your online business and maintain visibility from orders up to returns.

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