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Tracking My Packages

Packages En Route

Checking Shipment Progress

We make it easy to see where your shipment is when you track. Because we assign a tracking number (this is a number that typically starts with a 1Z) to each package, you'll know about your shipment's progress when it's scanned as it moves through the UPS system.

Track a Shipment

UPS Tracking Online

When you track your shipment on ups.com, you get the latest status and estimated delivery date. And while you don’t need to log in to see this information, you can get more details, like reference numbers and C.O.D. requirements, and take action on packages you’ve sent when you’re logged in.

Here's just a few ways online tracking can help make your life easier.

  • Reschedule a delivery or hold a package for pickup.
  • Plan ahead for shipments that are Signature Required.
  • Get e-mail updates on current status, delays, and delivery.
  • Download a proof of delivery for your records.

Avoid Missed Deliveries with UPS My Choice

Make it Easy to Identify Your Shipments

Take advantage of the Description field on the online Tracking page. If you're keeping track of multiple shipments, it's helpful to add a shipment description for each so you can distinguish between packages. Try adding something as simple as "baby toys" and see how easy it is to sort and manage your tracking numbers.

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