How do I ship dangerous goods with UPS?

As a transportation company, UPS is obligated to comply with all governmental laws and regulations relating to the transportation of Hazardous Materials. Such laws and regulations are issued by the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other regulatory bodies to ensure the safe transportation and offering for transportation of Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods using all modes, including highway, air, and rail.

UPS Hazardous Materials Contract Service provides a standardized and more efficient method of handling hazardous materials in a compliant manner. The service is designed to maximize the benefit to customers while minimizing the risks associated with these types of shipments.  Due to heightened security concerns, greater scrutiny is being given to shipment content. In order to ship hazardous materials/dangerous goods with UPS, you must enter into an Agreement that ensures compliance with applicable Regulations as well as UPS carrier requirements. This Agreement covers the tendering of U.S. domestic and U.S. origin International Dangerous Goods (IDG) shipments to UPS.

In order to use this service, you must:

  • Have a profile
  • Have a payment account
  • Be in compliance with all regulatory requirements and UPS's carrier variations

Open a Payment Account

Add an Existing Account to My Profile

In order to qualify for dangerous goods service, you need to agree to all items on the Dangerous Goods Agreement Checklist. You can access the checklist while opening an account or editing the account you’ll use to ship these items.

Add Dangerous Goods Shipping to My Payment Account

The automated process will activate the hazmat functionality for your UPS account number, and will generate an initial hazmat supply order of shipping papers, pouches and a new start kit. Allow 48-72 hours for start up of service.  

All hazardous materials shippers must process their domestic and International Dangerous Goods (IDG) shipments requiring documentation* using a UPS compliant shipping solution in conjunction with hazardous materials shipment preparation software. You may utilize the current version of UPS-provided WorldShip, purchase approved third-party software, or use a comparable system that will provide UPS with the necessary electronic information.   

*Note: Limited Quantity (prepared under HM-215K) ground shipments in the 48 contiguous states do not require shipping papers or an Agreement. Domestic non-dangerous goods shipments packed in dry ice also are exempt from having a contract. However, these shipments must still conform to all applicable regulatory and UPS requirements. For additional information about shipping hazardous materials with UPS, contact your UPS Account Executive. For hazardous materials shipment preparation questions, call the UPS Hazardous Materials Support Center at 1-800-554-9964.