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Which UPS My Choice is Right for You?

UPS My Choice offers two levels of membership: Basic (Free) or Premium (Paid). Premium offers greater delivery management, allowing you to make unlimited changes to your deliveries at no additional cost.

UPS My Choice: Basic (Free) vs. Premium
Main Features Basic (Free)  Premium (Paid) $19.99/year
Delivery alerts
Inbound and outbound package visibility
Estimated delivery time
Authorize release of my packages
Specify where at my home to leave packages
Leave packages with my neighbor
Deliver my packages on another day $9.99
Deliver my packages to another address* $14.99
Deliver to a UPS Access Point® location*† $5.99
Upgrade UPS SurePost® packages** $7.99
Confirmed delivery windows*** $14.99


*Additional transportation charges may apply if outside original delivery area.
**SurePost packages are upgraded to UPS Ground, which are delivered by UPS, not the U.S. Postal Service. After upgrading, members can use My Choice to manage these packages.
***Premium members get two free confirmed 2-hour delivery window requests per year. A fee will be charged for additional requests. Members are charged an additional fee for each confirmed 2-hour delivery window request.
† There is no charge for members with a UAP Preference to redirect all packages directly to a UPS Access Point location