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A different way to do mail.

We have the infrastructure, systems and reach to transport mail and parcels through the entire mailing cycle. Whether you're mailing across the country or the world, we integrate with postal systems for final mile delivery. We can provide cost and performance improvements, too.
Process Flow Domestic

Consistently achieve transit times comparable to First Class Mail® plus one day, utilizing the extensive UPS Mail Innovations network, and our unique working relationship with the U.S. Postal Service®. We handle functions—such as labeling and sorting qualified mail—normally done by USPS, and pass the savings to you. Through our national network of processing facilities, proprietary software and technology, we can process and transport domestic mail to its point of induction within 24-48 hours of pickup.

Process Flow-International

We can help reduce the complexity of doing business globally with easier, more affordable international mail solutions. We handle both priority and economy class qualified mail, from processing to transportation, so you can save money and improve delivery times. We handle shipments to postal authorities in more than 200 countries, with international options that can be customized to your specific mailing needs.

Process Flow Returns

Need a more efficient, economical returns solution? Try UPS Mail Innovations® Returns. Leveraging the USPS® for “first-mile" package retrieval, we can pick up, sort, transport and deliver a prepaid return package right back to the shipper. With easy-to-use labels, multiple drop-off points—including residential mailboxes, postal collection boxes, local post offices, authorized postal service outlets or a scheduled pickup through usps.com—consistent transit times and tracking through ups.com, returns are a breeze.

Innovative mailing ideas for your business.

Improved process efficiency, optimized operational flow and expedited transportation for just about any mailer.

Financial Services

We help you comply with the stringent regulations and guidelines governing induction of financial mailings into the postal system. Qualified mailincludes: enrollment packets; forms; information kits; membership packets; prospectuses; proxy notices, and welcome kits.

Insurance & Healthcare

Accountability matters. We can provide increased accuracy and acceptance rates by the USPS, plus CASS certification for automated flats. Qualified mail* includes: enrollment packets; forms; insurance benefits; provider listings; questionnaires; outreach programs, and more.


When cost-control matters, you can efficiently mail lightweight products (under 1 lb.) to achieve desired margins and delivery time. Qualified mail* includes: advertisements; circulars and direct marketing; apparel and cosmetics; catalogs; CDs; DVDs; invitations; product samples; video games, etc.

Professional Services

Our growing network of 22 mail processing facilities helps direct mail, advertising, accounting and other services cost-effectively mail even large, non-standard-size pieces or other complex projects. Qualified mail* includes: brochures; CDs; media guides; news releases/kits; newsletters; surveys, etc.


We provide enhanced security for sensitive government mailings, and all our key people have U.S. Postal Services Mail Quality Control (MQC) certification. We offer bonded drivers, vehicles and containers that can be sealed and security tagged, state-of-the-art surveillance and monitoring equipment. Qualified mail* includes: announcements; booklets; environmental notices; forms; legal documents; manuals; questionnaires; surveys, etc.

Travel & Tourism

In a rapidly changing business, cost efficiency means profitability. We can help you save up to 25% on mailing costs while ensuring First-Class® comparable service. Qualified mail* includes: calendars; information packets; flyers; marketing materials; photographs; promotional items; travel brochures, and more.


Whether it's sending time-sensitive material to large groups or bulky educational supplies, mailings can be complicated and costly. All our key people have U.S. Postal Services Mail Quality Control (MQC) certification, and are fully trained to assist with qualified mail* including: admission packets; course schedule booklets; new student orientation booklets; surveys; newsletters; CDs; catalogs, and more.

*It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that mail pieces constitute qualified mail under the USPS Domestic Manual then in effect. For definitions of qualified mail, check Qualified Domestic Mail or Qualified International Mail.

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