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UPS Supply Chain Solutions®

Industrial 3D Printing

  • 42%

    of total printing revenues were custom short run, the fastest growing segment.
  • 67%

    of 3D printing is done in medical, aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics industries.
  • 88%

    How much average production speed will increase by 2023, enabling build chamber size to double.

3D parts at the snap of a finger. Almost.

You could wait weeks on a repair part for a downed machine, or you could receive the part overnight and have it back up and running the next morning.

3D printing (aka additive manufacturing) uses industrial-grade technology to "print" solid materials layer-by-layer to produce a finished part. Fast. With no upfront tooling fees or added costs for complexity, this simplifies your production process, shortens delivery times, reduces inventory and saves money. Today, 3D printing is disrupting the supply chain, showing up in hospitals, manufacturing plants, home-building and countless other industries. It’s also something you probably didn’t expect from UPS. 

UPS & Fast Radius®

In partnership with Fast Radius, the leading provider of comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions, and utilizing our global distribution center in Louisville, KY, we can provide automated 3D printing with direct digital manufacturing at industrial-scale volume. With next-day shipping to ensure you receive your product just as quickly as it is created. When speed and simplicity matter, think UPS.

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Explore new research on 3D printing

See how 3D printing can make design, manufacturing and product iterations more agile.

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