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UPS Supply Chain Solutions®

About UPS Supply Chain Solutions

This is how we do it.

The best supply chains stay in constant motion. We keep them humming along by helping customers control three fundamental things: the doing; the seeing, and the optimizing. It just makes sense: if you’re better at those things than other companies in your industry, then you enjoy a significant competitive advantage.

THE DOING: Execute & Manage

If you make and sell things, you’re likely adding new suppliers, modes and vendors all the time. What if you could consolidate and simplify all that doing with one single source? One global transportation powerhouse to handle your air, ocean, rail and ground freight, using the fastest, most efficient modes and partners. (Even if those partners aren’t named UPS.) One with one of the world’s top customs brokers. And one with a complete network of warehousing, distribution, eFulfillment and service parts logistics services. With all that, you can concentrate on growing even more.

THE SEEING: Monitor & Inform

With so many wheels in motion, end-to-end supply chain visibility is critical. Seeing is control. And power. We’ve invested billions in smart technology that lets you monitor your UPS shipments at any given moment, while keeping track of all those vendors and POs, too. Informed with that kind of knowledge, you’re always in a position to anticipate challenges and make the critical decisions that directly impact customer relationships and cost efficiency. Because when you can see things clearly, you can tell customers, “We got this.”

THE OPTIMIZING: Optimize & Control

This is the big one. And the one for which you’re probably least likely to think of UPS. It’s also the area where most every business can use a little support. Our depth and breadth of supply chain experience lets us add unexpected value to your company…value that goes way beyond transportation. In addition to helping companies optimize end-to-end supply chains, we also provide valuable global trade compliance support, supplier management and cash management. In other words, we can help them get control of the big picture.

Graphic showing how UPS helps manage every link on the supply chain

This is who we are.

Large shipping warehouse


– #7 Contract Logistics Provider
– 120+ Countries
– 150 DCs, 25M sq. ft. globally


– 950+ Field Stocking Locations


– UPS Supply Chain Symphony
– Lead Logistics Provider (LLP)

Ship at port


– #5 Armstrong & Associates 2019 ranking
– Service to 220 countries, 14,000 lanes


– #19 global TEU ranking
– Service to 160+ countries, 2,300 lanes


– 6,500+ dedicated employees
– 400+ global brokerage offices

Truck on highway

– 2019 Top 100 3PL
– 10,000 daily shipments
– 70,000 network carriers
– 14,000 valued customers

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