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UPS Supply Chain Solutions®

eCommerce Expertise

Worried about becoming collateral damage in the e-commerce explosion? Don’t be.

Every day, shoppers redefine their expectations for flexible, timely delivery. With more shopping options and these tougher-than-ever consumer demands, online marketplaces and eFulfillment distribution centers expect you to step up your game. To do that—without imploding your bottom line—you need fresh ideas. That’s why we’ve put an innovative spin on some of our standard shipping options, with an eye toward giving you just the right mix of speed and cost.


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UPS Trade Direct® Service

A customizable service that can simplify e-commerce shipping, especially from Asia to the U.S. The concept is simple. Destination shipping labels for each end-recipient are applied at the point of origin. All packages are combined into one consolidated air or ocean freight shipment to clear customs. Once in the U.S., the shipment is broken apart and packages go to a fulfillment distribution center, or the end consumer. No need for a warehouse. The result: less likelihood of juggling stock-outs, bumped air freight shipments or far-out delivery appointments.

UPS Air Freight Consolidated® Service

Just because your shipment has to fly doesn’t mean it has to be prohibitively expensive. When shipments aren’t super-critical, this service can save you money, and still let you be responsive to consumer demand. We’ll prepare a flight plan that utilizes available empty space and longer layovers, so your goods will still arrive before you run out of inventory.

UPS Preferred® LCL

This might be the perfect transportation option. It marries the low cost of ocean freight with the reliability and speed of our U.S. domestic air and ground forwarding network. Once the boat docks, shipments are fast-tracked for delivery, in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, avoiding time-consuming rail yard delays and extensive stops for other people’s shipments. With a simplified rate structure that lets you meet tighter deadlines without the expense of air freight.

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