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UPS Supply Chain Solutions®

Ocean Freight

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Ocean Freight Shipping Options

No matter what you’re shipping—or at what speed—there’s a customer waiting for it. So, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Full Container Load (FCL)

To meet your unique routing and transit-time needs, use our bargaining power to access multiple vessels, carriers and alliances, with departures from major global ports.

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Less-Than-Container Load (LCL)

When you don't have enough cargo for a full container, we coordinate the sharing of space within a container. Offered in most major ports. Economical, usage-based pricing with FCL frequency, routing and visibility.

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Ocean Freight Forwarding

You could try to juggle multiple vendors, countries, time zones, carriers and modes by yourself…or you could have our ocean forwarding experts do it for you.

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UPS Trade Direct® Ocean

Freight consolidation, ocean transportation, customs clearance, deconsolidation and delivery to multiple addresses within a destination country, with port-to-door and door-to-door service from shipper to consignee. Available from more than 70 ports.

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More on UPS Trade Direct®

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Ocean Freight Value-Added Services

Not every shipment is alike, and not every shipment is simple. If yours has special requirements, we’re here to help make it easy.
Shipping containers stacked at port with many freight trucks exiting

A better transportation alternative to a slow boat or an expensive plane.

Keeping up with the needs of demanding buyers isn’t always easy, especially if you constantly have one eye on your own bottom line. The pressure to reduce transportation costs without losing critical time is a constant challenge. So, when ocean freight is just too slow, and air freight will break your budget, consider UPS Preferred Ocean services. We can combine UPS road freight networks, rail service, air and ocean transportation options to maximize speed and minimize cost. It may be just the right balance for your balance sheet.

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UPS employee handling pallet for LCL shipment

Chartering a vessel? Moving specialized equipment? We’ll handle it for you.

If you’re moving specialized equipment, or your shipment involves charter vessels, we can help with a customized solution fit to your specific requirements. Take advantage of worldwide capacity and global coverage, managed costs and reliable project continuity. Whether shipping less-than-container loads, full container loads or oversized cargo, we navigate the logistics between carriers, ports, customs, your vendors and trucking/rail service providers. Plus, you'll be working with one of the world’s leading Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC).

UPS employee monitoring incoming orders for customer

Ever wish there was a better way to manage all those suppliers, order and schedules? Poof! There is.

Your job is to keep up-to-the-minute track of cargo, vendors, POs and shipments. Know where your goods are, how they’re moving and when they’re arriving. You spend hours chasing information and compiling spreadsheets. Your vendor says one thing, your freight forwarder says another. And your internal team often sees compliance as a suggestion, not a rule. All you want is operational optimization, accurate visibility to your POs and ways to cut cost from your network. But mostly, you get chaos.

Now there’s a better way. UPS Supplier Management, an origin cargo management (OCM) solution, provides a team of people and tools to manage all those vendors, POs and processes. Our collaborative system collects data from vendors, carriers, UPS and the client, creating a sophisticated control tower that provides PO and shipment data when you need it. You can be more efficient, your shipments more optimized and your supply chain more reliable.

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Customs brokerage agent on dock

Customs clearance can seem complex, and trade laws can seem scary. Don’t worry. We’ll be right there with you.

We didn’t get to be one of the world’s largest customs brokers overnight. We’ve been in transportation and logistics for more than 110 years, so we’re always on the front lines of customs brokerage. Today we share those capabilities with growing companies of all sizes looking to open new markets. So, whether you're shipping air, ocean or ground, it’s our goal to help you navigate global customs and reduce the risk of delays or penalties.

We’re committed to going above and beyond other brokers. It’s what makes us different. We don’t want you to worry about clearance surprises or service interruptions. That’s why, wherever we do business, we help inform and lead trade policy. We want to make sure our customers’ and the trade community’s best interests are well represented.

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Hazardous materials shipments stacked on pallets

When you have to ship dangerous goods, count on a shipping company that specializes in it.

Improperly shipping dangerous goods can be costly financially, to your reputation and to your ability to ship. Dangerous goods are defined as articles or substances capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment, and which are shown on the Dangerous Goods Regulations lists. Shipment of dangerous goods by air is highly regulated. Specific processes and procedures must be followed for documentation, package marking and labeling, as well as shipment handling. And it’s important to understand the responsibilities of all parties involved with shipping dangerous goods.

If this sounds ominous or complex, relax, we’re here to help. Our reliable dangerous goods transportation solutions are simple to understand and easy to use. They give you the flexibility to ship more categories to more countries, with more delivery choices that balance speed with affordable cost. All with a very high level of confidence. 

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Loading heavy freight for shipment

Carrier liability coverage for your shipments.

Declared value enables you to easily increase the maximum liability of UPS Supply Chain Solutions for a shipment that has been lost or damaged. In accordance with industry norms and to facilitate low rates, UPS Supply Chain Solutions limits its liability on shipments by default. You may choose to declare an even higher liability value for your shipment as well as actual value - up to certain maximum amounts dependent upon commodity and region. Simply enter a declared value for greater liability where designated in your shipping system and pay the additional charge. Declared value is not insurance and is still contingent upon the liability of UPS Supply Chain Solutions.

Shippers desiring cargo insurance, all risk insurance, or another form of insurance should purchase it directly from a third party, like UPS Capital Insurance Agency.

Value-added service options may vary by origin, destination and freight service selected. For more information on NVOCC services, access the UPS NVOCC Terms and Conditions. For more information on Supplier Management and Ocean Freight Forwarding Services, access the UPS Supply Chain Solutions (Ocean Freight Forwarding) Terms and Conditions. If more information is still required, please call your local UPS Service center

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