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UPS Supply Chain Solutions®
  • 1, 2, 3

    Next day, 2nd-day and 3-day time-definite options
  • 200+

    Planes in the world’s second-largest cargo airline
  • 83

    Service centers in North America
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    Owned and operated pickup and delivery network

Shipping Options

Sometimes you just need to get it there, fast. Whether it has to be there today, or it's urgent but you have a little bit of wiggle room, we can efficiently and economically move your goods within and between the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.
  • UPS Express Critical®

    Next-flight-out service within North America and between major metropolitan areas worldwide; available 24/7/365.

  • UPS Next Day Air® Freight

    Guaranteed and non-guaranteed next-business-day delivery by noon or 5 P.M., depending on the destination.*

  • UPS 2nd Day Air® Freight

    Guaranteed and non-guaranteed next-business-day delivery by noon or 5 P.M., depending on the destination.*

  • UPS® 3 Day Air Freight

    Guaranteed and non-guaranteed delivery within 3-4 business days.*

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We've made it easy to choose the right option for your business.
Option Service Level Speed Reach Cargo Type

UPS Express Critical®

Next flight out


U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico 150 lbs., palletized or non-palletized

UPS Next Day Air® Freight

Guaranteed & non-guaranteed

Next day

U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico 150 lbs., palletized or non-palletized

UPS 2nd Day Air® Freight

Guaranteed & non-guaranteed

2 days

U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico 150 lbs., palletized or non-palletized

UPS® 3 Day Air Freight

Guaranteed & non-guaranteed

3 days

U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico 150 lbs., palletized or non-palletized

Value-Added Services

Sure, we'll move your freight from here to there. We also offer a suite of support services that have helped companies cross new borders for 100+ years. 
Customs agents clearing shipments in warehouse

Customs clearance and global trade laws can seem complex, even scary. Don’t worry. We’ll be right there with you.

We didn’t get to be one of the world’s largest customs brokers overnight. We’ve been in transportation and logistics for more than 110 years, so we’re always on the front lines of customs brokerage. Today we share those capabilities with growing companies of all sizes looking to open new markets. So, whether you're shipping air, ocean or ground, it’s our goal to help you navigate global customs and reduce the risk of delays or penalties.

We’re committed to going above and beyond other brokers. It’s what makes us different. We don’t want you to worry about clearance surprises or service interruptions. That’s why, wherever we do business, we help inform and lead trade policy. We want to make sure our customers’ and the trade community’s best interests are well represented. That ensures we (and you) are always up-to-speed on the latest rules and regulations of global trade.

Learn More

Dangerous goods shipments stacked on pallets

When you have to ship dangerous goods, count on a shipping company that specializes in it.

Improperly shipping dangerous goods can be costly financially, to your reputation and to your ability to ship. Dangerous goods are defined as articles or substances capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment, and which are shown in the Dangerous Goods Regulations lists. Shipment of dangerous goods by air is highly regulated. Specific processes and procedures must be followed for documentation, package marking and labeling, as well as shipment handling. And it’s important to understand the responsibilities of all parties involved with shipping dangerous goods.

If this sounds ominous or complex, relax, we’re here to help. Our dangerous goods transportation solutions are simple to understand and easy to use. They give you the flexibility to ship more categories to more countries, with more delivery choices that balance speed with affordable cost. All with a very high level of confidence.

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Large air freight shipment outside

Carrier liability coverage for your shipments.

Declared value indicates UPS's maximum liability for a shipment that is lost or damaged. This liability is limited to $100.00 (or local currency equivalent) on shipments with no declared value. You may choose to declare a higher value for your shipment, up to the maximum allowed in your country or territory, by entering a declared value in your shipping system and paying an additional charge. Declared value is not insurance; your liability can be limited to well under the invoice value of the goods.

Shippers desiring cargo insurance, all-risk insurance or another form of insurance should purchase it directly from a third party, like UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc.*.

Limits on declared value and restrictions on UPS's liability (including for packages not adequately packaged) are described in the UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service. For non-U.S. origin shipments, please refer to the UPS Terms and Conditions of the origin country.

UPS employee monitoring bad weather from control tower

Insurance that provides real protection. And pays when you need it to. (That’s the best part!)

When bad things happen to good cargo, you need good protection. Unpredictable events like damage, loss and delay to your ground, air and ocean freight shipments can not only hurt your bottom line, they can damage your company’s reputation. Especially if you’re relying on declared value or the carrier’s liability to cover your loss. Declaring value is fine for some shippers but if you want real peace of mind and fewer headaches, choose an all-risk cargo insurance policy from UPS Capital®.

Why UPS Capital? Because nobody understands transportation and logistics like UPS. And while you’ve probably never thought of a UPS company for insurance services, our global supply chain expertise uniquely positions us to help protect your company and your shipments from risk. It’s real insurance protection for your shipments, your bottom line and your reputation. All, with a simplified, speedy claims process that actually pays when you need it to.

UPS freight truck delivering to customer's warehouse

Delivery to Door service. You’re welcome!

Once your shipment arrives at its destination terminal , this optional service lets you schedule surface transport of the goods from the terminal right to the receiver's door. Easy, convenient and timely with a consistent chain of custody. Only available with UPS Air Freight Direct® and UPS Air Freight Consolidated®. An additional charge will apply.

UPS employee shrink-wrapping partial-pallet shipment to hold for pick-up

Save on delivery. Pick it up on your schedule.

To give you more control and convenience, our Hold at Destination Airport (HAPU) service lets you hold freight for pickup by you or your customer, right at the destination location. All that’s required is a consignee name and phone number, and all services will be billed door-to-door. No holding fees will be applied.

*Fuel surcharges are not included as part of a Guaranteed Service refund. Also, value-added service options may vary by origin, destination, and freight service selected. For more information, access the UPS Air Freight Terms and Conditions of Contract or call your local UPS service center.

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