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UPS Supply Chain Solutions®

Multimodal Transport Solutions

Multimodal Freight Shipping Services

If air freight isn’t in your budget, but ocean freight doesn’t fit your timing, our multimodal services can be a smart alternative.

UPS Preferred® LCL

Accelerate delivery from port to door by combining ocean service from Asia and Europe with our truck networks in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

UPS Preferred® FCL & LCL — Rail

A cross-continental alternative to air and ocean freight that utilizes networks in both China and Europe.

UPS Preferred® — Sea-Air

Combine ocean with air freight across some of the world's longest trade routes. Offered in major ports throughout the world. 

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Multimodal Transport Value-Added Services

Sure, we'll move your freight from here to there. We also offer a suite of support services that have helped companies cross new borders for 100+ years. 
Unloading consolidated, destination-labelled pallets at airport

Why clear customs multiple times when you can do it just once? Greatly reduce customs clearance time by consolidating individual shipments to the same destination country—or into the European Union—into just one shipment. We’ll handle pickup, air, ground or ocean transportation, customs clearance, deconsolidation and delivery. We can even help you apply destination country delivery labels at origin—before consolidation— so you can bypass costly distribution centers. And get to market in no time at all.

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Woman pulling large eggshell airfreight container

If you export time-sensitive bulk or individual package shipments from select airports in Asia, Europe and South and North America to the U.S., you could piece together a supply chain with multiple carriers, modes and customs brokers. Or you could just call us. We'll pick up and consolidate destination-labeled packages at the point of origin. Provide door-to-door delivery—including the final mile—for one per-kilo rate. All with no handoffs and end-to-end visibility for peace of mind.

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Ocean vessel full of containers arriving at port

Now you can cross oceans in a fewer steps. Enjoy the cost efficiency of ocean freight while bypassing costly distribution centers. The benefit? You can get orders to customers days, or even weeks, faster. We'll consolidate multiple packages at their origin, handle customs clearance, ocean transportation, deconsolidation and provide delivery to multiple addresses within a destination country. All with port-to-door and door-to-door service from shipper to consignee. Available from more than 70 ports.

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UPS Freight truck crossing border into Canada

From pick-up to delivery, shipping freight and packages across North American borders (U.S./Mexico/Canada) has never been more efficient. Our single-source solution consolidates multiple packages at their origin, handles customs clearance and deconsolidation and provides door-to-door delivery to multiple addresses within the destination country. You can get orders to customers days, or even weeks, faster. All with end-to-end visibility and all-in-one consolidated billing.

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Value-added service options may vary by origin, destination and freight service selected. For more information, access the UPS Air Freight Terms and Conditions of Contract or call your local UPS service center.

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