UPS Smart Pickup®

UPS Smart Pickup®combines the predictability of an automatic Daily Pickup with the flexibility of requesting a pickup on demand. Having UPS come to your business only when you have a package to ship saves fuel and can reduce carbon emissions.


The UPS Smart Pickup option uses innovative technology to automatically arrange a pickup only when you have packages to ship. When you process a shipment using WorldShip®, UPS Internet Shipping or UPS CampusShip®, the system automatically notifies a UPS driver to make a UPS Smart Pickup that same day to pick up all prepared packages. If a package is processed too late in the day to notify the UPS driver to pick up your package the same day, you can schedule a UPS Smart Pickup for the following day, request a UPS On-Call Pickup®, or find a UPS location to drop off your shipment.


UPS Smart Pickup is available to UPS account holders for all UPS services from any validated pickup location in the U.S.

  • Choose the scheduled pickup time when you open your payment account or edit your account options.
  • UPS Smart Pickup notify time is generally one hour before your scheduled pickup time.

The first package of the day must be processed before the notify time in order to receive a pickup that same day.

  • The UPS driver will pick up any additional packages ready at the time of pickup.

In the event that the first shipment of the day is processed after the notify time, you may:

  • Schedule a UPS Smart Pickup for the next business day.
  • Schedule a UPS On-Call Pickup for the same day, if possible.
  • Find a UPS drop-off location

Customer must process a shipment:

  • Using UPS WorldShip, UPS Internet Shipping, or UPS CampusShip
  • Using Schedule a Pickup on

Note: For customers using UPS Worldship 2010 or higher with multiple account numbers, shipments must be processed using a UPS Smart Pickup account number in order to initiate a UPS Smart Pickup. Processing a shipment with an account number not associated with UPS Smart Pickup will not automatically initiate a pickup.


Along with predictability and flexibility, other benefits of UPS Smart Pickup include:

  • Convenience of having UPS automatically make a pick up on days you have packages to ship.
  • Reduced impact to the environment by having UPS make a pickup only on days you have packages to ship.
  • If you have a shipment after the UPS driver has made the scheduled pickup, you can schedule a UPS On-Call Pickup. UPS Smart Pickup customers receive one UPS On-Call Pickup for air and international shipments per day at no extra charge for packages tendered at their usual pickup location. (Packages tendered at an alternate pickup location incur UPS On-Call Pickup fees.)
  • UPS Smart Pickup customers will receive a UPS PDF Invoice.

How to Set Up Your UPS Smart Pickup Profile

In order to use UPS Smart Pickup, please follow these simple steps to set up your pickup options:

  • Log into
  • Go to your profile drop down menu and select "Payment Options."
  • Choose your account under "My Payment Methods."
  • Select "Edit" under Actions, and then "Pickup Options."
  • Choose your option.
  • Fill out your preferred pickup times and driver instructions.
  • Select "Save."

Next Steps

Use your UPS account to sign up for a regularly scheduled pickup option.

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