Day-Specific Pickup

You select the days of the week that you would like UPS to make a scheduled pickup. By selecting this option, you reduce unnecessary pickup stops, which helps save UPS fuel and reduces carbon emissions.


A UPS driver automatically stops by your location on days that you decide are best for your business.


Weekly Billing Total      Fee 
$0.00 - $74.99              1-2 Days: $15.45
3 Days: $24.30
4 Days: $31.00 
$75.00 or more  1-2 Days: $15.45
3 Days: $15.45
4 Days: $15.50

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These details pertain to Day-Specific Pickup:

  • Select which days of the week, Monday through Friday, you would like UPS to make scheduled pickups. UPS will only come on those days at your designated scheduled pickup time.
  • Up to four days can be selected per week.
  • This option is best for customers who ship on specific days.
  • This option is available to UPS account holders for all UPS services from any validated pickup location in the U.S.
  • Available Monday through Friday, excluding UPS holidays. If you have a Day-Specific Pickup that falls on a scheduled UPS holiday, we will automatically set up a scheduled pickup for you for the next UPS business day.
  • The weekly service fee will vary based on the number of pickup days selected.


Along with flexibility and convenience, Day-Specific Pickup offers these benefits:

  • Customers who have an air or international shipment after the UPS driver has made the scheduled pickup can request a UPS On-Call Pickup®. Day-Specific customers receive one UPS On-Call Pickup per day, for each day that was selected, at no extra charge for packages tendered at their usual pickup location. (Packages tendered at an alternate pickup location incur UPS On-Call Pickup fees.) 
  • Day-Specific Pickup customers will receive a UPS PDF Invoice.

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