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Global Trade

UPS Can Simplify Global Trade for Novice and Veteran Alike

Whether you are new to global trade, or have years of experience as a global trade veteran, you are in the right place. UPS can help reduce the cost of global trade while also reducing risk and complexity. We have tools and resources to help you with every step to a successful international business.

In today's fast-paced, low-friction world, customers anywhere in the world can be reached just as easily as customers next door. So where do you want to go? Whether you want to begin or expand your global trade business, UPS can help you get there.

Visit our Global Trade Web site to learn everything you need to succeed in the international marketplace.

The UPS Global Trade Site

Here you will find:

Getting Started Information

Take these six easy steps and you will be ready for global trade success.

Exporting Information

Master the complexities of getting your goods out of the country without delay and into your customer's hands at a time they prefer.

Importing Information

With one of the world's largest, most technologically advanced customs brokerage networks, UPS can:

  • Provide routine customs clearance automatically with all express delivery options at no additional charge
  • Handle your brokerage every step of the way, eliminating third-party brokers
  • Share our insider's knowledge of country regulations

Global Network Information

Learn more about UPS's global trade network and specific capabilities to Asia, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America that may surprise you. Download guides for doing business in the hottest emerging markets

Global Trade Resources

Let UPS help you navigate the sea of information available to you with our connections to the U.S. Commercial Service, online tools and forms, and up-to-date global trade news.

Most of this information is available online for immediate viewing, or as a downloadable PDF file that you can print out and make notes on as you have ideas and questions.

Find all this and more online at:

The UPS Global Trade Site