National Motor Freight Classification numbers are codes that classify all commodity types and establish levels of rating for a freight shipment.

For help determining the NMFC code for your commodity type, please contact UPS Customer Service at 1-800-333-7400. When speaking with a representative, please be prepared to answer the following questions in order to receive the correct classification number:

  1. How is the product marketed or sold?
  2. How many pounds per cubic feet is the product? If you do not know the answer, you can supply the product's shipping dimensions and weight. Please provide the dimensions in inches for length, width, and height.
  3. Does the product require DOT hazardous material placards?
  4. How is the product packaged? For example, is it boxed, boxes stacked on skids, in drums, in bundles, etc.
  5. Is the product new or used?
  6. What is the product's value per pound?

You can also find more detailed information about NMFC codes through the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA).

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) is a nonprofit organization comprised of 900 motor carriers and transportation companies operating in interstate, intrastate, and foreign commerce. NMFTA offers an online version of the NMFC, a standard that provides a comparison of commodities moving in commerce. To purchase an online subscription, select the link below.

Learn More About NMFTA