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UPS Trackpad®

Monitor received packages--from the dock to the desk. When you integrate a Trackpad solution into your business, you expand the UPS technology footprint all the way to your employees' desks where final ownership of exchange takes place.

Your shipment information is transferred to your in-house Trackpad system at the point of delivery. From there on, you'll have access to detailed proof of delivery information across your entire organization. Trackpad integrates with your company's existing systems, capturing signature information and offering e-mail alerts, all with a minimal amount of training or experience.

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Notice the Difference Technology Makes
Use Trackpad to eliminate the need to rummage through paper manifests. Package data is transferred to the Trackpad System Control PC in seconds, where it is stored for look-up and reports. You can even make information available at each desktop to minimize "where is my order" calls. Trackpad creates an efficient information pipeline enabling all users and administrators to manage and search for information in seconds rather than minutes.

Use In-house Tracking Codes 
With UPS Trackpad, you'll be able to print existing barcodes or customize new ones on demand. Combined with final delivery, UPS Signature Tracking® abilities, and enhanced security from end-to-end, Trackpad offers the ultimate in reassurance regarding your important shipments.

Get Started 
Trackpad is in use in the United States, Canada, Italy, China Mainland, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, and Germany and could be used anywhere in the world. (Available in English only.)

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