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Eco Responsible Packaging Program

Eco Responsible Packaging Program

Eco Responsible Packaging Program

Get Our Eco Stamp of Approval

UPS established the Eco Responsible Packaging Program in order to recognize customers who are committed to helping the environment through sustainable packaging. Companies that wish to participate in this program allow UPS to conduct an evaluation of their packaging processes. To qualify, these companies must meet our exacting criteria in each of three areas:

  • Damage prevention: Items arrive intact
  • Right-sizing: Shipping containers are no larger than necessary
  • Materials content: Examine the environmental impact of chosen materials

Choosing sustainable materials while protecting your product with a minimum of packaging requires a carefully calibrated approach. And we can help you get there.

Earn Our Eco Stamp of Approval

UPS examines overall shipment packaging processes in determining the company's eligibility for the Eco Responsible Packaging Program. All program participants must meet our rigorous standards to enter and remain in the program. This program only takes into account the transportation (secondary) packaging that a company uses. UPS does not evaluate manufacturers' product packaging included within the secondary container; instead, we consider the sustainability of a company's shipment packaging processes for the secondary box and its fill material.

If you meet the program standards for all three criteria, you can participate in this contractual program, and you'll be able to use UPS's Eco Responsible Packaging Program logo on your packages. That simple stamp will differentiate your company from the competition and show that you proactively choose to conserve earth's valuable resources.

UPS Package Design and Test Lab

Just in case you need a little help reaching your sustainability goals, the UPS Package Lab provides consulting services and will suggest needed improvements to help you meet the program standards.

A Verified and Recognized Program

We are proud that our Eco Responsible Packaging Program meets all of the evaluation criteria defined by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. In addition, BSR and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) praise the program for its environmental leadership.

See for yourself what these organizations have to say. Read their statements:

SGS StatementOpen the link in a new window

BSR StatementOpen the link in a new window

SPC StatementOpen the link in a new window

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