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Returns Management Solutions

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Returning Purchases Should Be as Easy as Making Purchases

Returns can be a hassle sometimes--for you and your customers. But there are big benefits for those companies offering flexible returns policies and practices, including increased sales and significant cost savings.

The UPS comScore study finds customers are making more returns than ever, and they're not very happy with the current options. Whether it's returns, repairs, or recalls, your customers expect service to be fast and uncomplicated, and most want to know your returns policy before they commit to purchasing.

Give customers an easy returns option, and then treat returning stock like any other shipment. You'll see the perks of a better process exist for you, too.

Returns Management Makes a Big Impact on Resources and Your Bottom Line

With an eye on all returning stock, you can better anticipate and manage staffing levels. And the smoother the inbound delivery and processing, the better positioned you are to save more or earn more from the returned product. According to our Greve-Davis whitepaper, a company can increase revenue up to 5% of total sales with improved visibility into returning stock.

To help you create a more efficient process, we offer the most comprehensive set of returns solutions in the industry. Our range of options allow you to choose the best fit for you and your customers--from straightforward returns to more complex needs like post-sales service and repairs.

Suggested Returns Services for Businesses Like Yours

UPS Returns

Offers three return label options for quick shipments

UPS Returns® Exchange

Delivers a replacement item while simultaneously collecting the return shipment

Reverse Logistics and Post-Sales Services

Shortens the turnaround time for products in need of service and repair
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