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UPS® Ground on Saturday

Working for you on the weekend

Map of the United States with pins indicating major metropolitan market coverage areas

Location pin indicates UPS metro market coverage areas

UPS Ground on Saturday is rolling out to more than 4,600 cities and towns all across the United States. This means eligible packages that were previously delivered on Monday will arrive two days earlier, on Saturday. And ground packages can now be picked up on Saturday for delivery on Monday. You could even benefit from improved inventory management and receive returns faster.

Download the UPS Ground on Saturday Infographic

UPS Ground on Saturday Key Benefits


· Improve store fulfillment
· Clear docks on the weekend
· Extend order cut-offs to Saturday


· Avoid stock outs
· Improve ship-to-store experience
· Receive returns faster

Customer Satisfaction

· Offer faster delivery
· Enhance your brand experience
· Reduce online cart abandonment

Get a Jump on Mondays

Schedule Saturday pickups for any domestic package, even with your current UPS pickup schedule.  You can clear your weekend orders from the shipping docks on the weekend, making more room for Monday deliveries.

Packages picked up on Saturday and destined for the surrounding region will get to your customers up to one day earlier. Retailers who use a ship-from-store strategy could reach approximately 80% of the U.S. population for Monday delivery.

Let Your Inventory Work for You

No need to cutoff orders on Friday anymore. UPS Ground on Saturday gives you another day to take and process orders. Better utilize your inventory across all channels to fulfill weekend orders while offering your customers a faster delivery.

Want to replenish inventory for this weekend’s big sale? No problem. Request commercial deliveries along with your Saturday Pickup, and never run out of that hot item again.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Brand loyalty is created through great shopping, customer service, and delivery experiences. Improve consumer satisfaction when you can get your products to customers six days a week at no additional cost or change in how you process orders.

A recent UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study showed:

  • 72% of online shoppers select ground delivery during checkout, but 54% have abandoned a shopping cart due to long or unknown delivery times.
  • 1 in 4 shoppers rated having a Saturday Delivery option as important.