No-Box and No-Label Returns

No box, no label? No problem.

Save your customers time and headaches. Make returns as simple as a quick trip to a The UPS Store® location. Customers get a contact-free experience. Merchants may experience fewer customer service calls and more visibility on returned items. Let us do all the work. Tell your customers to bring their item to one of 4,800 The UPS Store® locations and scan a code. We do the rest.

All it takes is four easy steps:

Step 1

The customer starts an online return on the merchant's website. The merchant website sends a code to the customer's smartphone.

Step 2

Customer takes the return item to The UPS Store location.

Store Locator

Step 3

The UPS Store clerk scans the customer's code and prints a shipping label.

Step 4

The UPS Store location packs, labels and ships the return item back to the merchant's warehouse.

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