E-Commerce Returns

Turn E-Commerce Returns into a Competitive Advantage

E-Commerce Returns

Product returns cost money--no one's disputing that. But a flexible returns policy can deliver customer satisfaction and fuel increased sales over time.

Our Forrester white paper, "Crafting a Returns Policy that Creates a Competitive Advantage Online", details how happy customers--those pleased with their experience and assured of easy e-commerce returns should a product not meet their needs--shop more often, remain loyal to the retailer, and share positive word-of-mouth.

Read and Discover: Crafting a Returns Policy that Creates a Competitive Advantage Online

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Don't Let Returning Stock Throw a Wrench in Your Supply Chain

Tap into our reverse logistics expertise and provide a more satisfying experience for your customers--even those abroad--while you distance yourself from competitors unable to see the opportunities here.

You'll reap improved visibility with all of your returns shipping via one carrier, and that clarity will allow you to prepare and better equip yourself for returning stock.

And because one-size-fits-all doesn't always fit, we have UPS Returns® solutions to meet your level of need. Ship your products with pre-printed return labels, integrate returns processing on your website, or expand drop-off and pickup options.

Should your high-value product need returns or replacements, we can offer you peace of mind with UPS Returns Exchange. The contract-only solution delivers a replacement item to your customer while simultaneously collecting the return shipment.

We've got more returns options than any other carrier. They're hassle-free for your customers--and efficient and cost-effective for you.

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