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Getting Started

Build for the Future

You can't build a strong, sturdy house with four simple walls and a roof. You need a solid foundation and a stable infrastructure. You need cornerstones to guide you as you grow bigger and reach higher.

And it's the same with your business. Building a better, stronger company requires more than just great products--you need a sound infrastructure to support your products and cornerstones to guide your progress.

These are your cornerstones: a superb customer experience, flexible shipping options, accurate tracking technologies, and efficient billing solutions. These are the tools that will guide you as you grow and help you sustain your business in an uncertain climate.

A Superb Customer Experience

Retail is a highly competitive business--you need to stand apart from the crowd. You need a competitive advantage, and improving the customer experience will give you one.

Whether you're a brick-and-mortar store, Internet retailer, or a multi-channel operation, if you reduce inefficiencies, shave time from standard processes, and give your customers greater flexibility, you give yourself more time to focus on your customers' needs and wants.

When you're no longer playing "catch-up", you'll find it easier to get ahead. That's an advantage you can use.

Shipping Options

Customers demand control and flexbility. Our services and technologies allow you to balance costs and service without compromising customer experience. Our worldwide, multi-modal capabilities mean you and your customers can create a customized plan--what you need, when you need it, our reliable service gets it there.

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Tracking Technologies

A recent Limelight Network survey reports that 79 percent of online shoppers rank the ability to track shipments through a personal computer or mobile device as the most important customer service feature.

Let your customers and your employees see where shipments are, every step of the way. Our tracking technologies give you oversight of the delivery process, letting you check, double-check, and reassure customers that things are where they need to be. And if an unexpected issue does arise, you can tackle it before it becomes a big problem. 

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Billing Solutions

Simplify your processes and reduce paperwork with our fast, easy-to-use, and easy-to-integrate billing solutions. You'll get greater insight and improved control over costs and reconciliation, letting you forecast future expenses more accurately and adjust decisions as needed. The added efficiency also means you can get the bills out of the way and get back to business.

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