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The Customer Experience

UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper™

Discover What Online Shoppers Value Most

UPS Pulse of the Online ShopperOnline and mobile sales are booming, and the competition is fierce. Your strategy must be sound if you want to make a noise in this crowded marketplace. That's why we teamed with comScore to find out exactly what keeps online shoppers clicking all the way to checkout.

Design a Better Customer Experience
Shoppers are discriminating--they have very specific ideas about what they want. Our study shows that a majority of shoppers want more control and flexibility in receiving their purchases.

They want to know what to expect, and they want convenience--easy checkout and easy returns. And if they don't get those things, they're more likely to abandon their shopping cart and leave your site.

comScore reports that roughly half of shoppers abandon a full cart. Whether abandonment is due to comparison shopping, lengthy delivery times, or an unclear returns policy, there's an opportunity here: Improve your customers' experience and give them more reasons to click that button and finalize the sale.

Overcome Hesitation and Deliver on Expectations

See all the results and find out what you need to target so you can improve your customers' experience and convince more shoppers to buy, return, and tell their friends.

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Opportunities to Enhance the Customer Experience
Online shoppers report 83% satisfaction, but there's room for improvement.

Focus Areas Percent of Respondents Satisfied How We Can Help

Flexibility to Re-route Packages

UPS My Choice
UPS Delivery Intercept

Flexibility to Choose Delivery Date

UPS My Choice
UPS Internet Shipping
UPS CampusShip

Availability of Live Chat


Ease of Making Returns/Exchanges

UPS Returns Portfolio

Clear and Easy-to-understand Returns Policy


Availability of Free Shipping

UPS Shipping Services

Number of Shipping Options Offered

Shipping API

Ability to Track Online Purchases

Quantum View Notify
Tracking API
UPS Mobile

Variety of Brands/Products


Ease of Checkout

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