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Retail and Consumer Goods Resource

Key Stories and Insights

Keep up with trends and the quickly changing retail marketplace with expert advice and information -- all in one place. Create efficiencies with an optimized supply chain, multi-channel operations, integrated shipping, comprehensive returns, and solutions customized to your retail business.

You’re busy managing the day-to-day operations of your business. Save time finding resources to make it better with our expert content.

Grow Your Business

Whether you plan to expand into global markets or across sales channels, our expert advice and proven services and technology will streamline your path.  Implement and improve multichannel sales,  clear customs more easily, and streamlline shipping and billing. Learn from UPS retail and consumer goods experts and implement our solutions to help you grow to where you want to be.

Case Studies

If you’ve been curious how a UPS solution or technology tool might help you grow, explore this collection of case studies and white papers. Learn how retail operations have found success with UPS e-commerce, shipping, tracking, and supply chain solutions.