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Temperature-sensitive Solutions

Managing Your Temperature-controlled Products

Discover:The Logistics of Saving Lives 375,000 doses of temperature-sensitive flu vaccine shipped through five climates. See how we kept our cool.

Your products are years in the making, yet they can be destroyed in seconds. Protection is imperative, and regulatory compliance is non-negotiable.

Your supply chain must be up to the task or you risk FDA censure, loss of efficacy, or product spoilage along with damage to your reputation. Our healthcare logistics experts can help proof your supply chain and protect your product.

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Discover: Protecting Temperature-sensitive Products

Our healthcare logistics team is dedicated to ensuring your product temperatures stay precisely where they need to be. See all the tools they use to do it.

Read: Establishing a Temperature-sensitive Supply Chain

Products and technologies are evolving, and your supply chain needs to keep pace. Our eBook gives you a quick overview of what you need to know.

Read and Discover: UPS Temperature-sensitive Solutions

There's a growing need for swift and secure delivery of temperature-sensitive products. Get a quick breakdown of how we can help you.

Watch and Discover: Temperature-sensitiveOpen the link in a new window

When Hurricane Ike knocked out power around one of our hubs, we kept our cool. See how we can do the same for your products.

Watch and Learn: Temperature Control SolutionsOpen the link in a new window

We know quality is critical. See how we safeguard your sensitive shipments with an end-to-end, global delivery network.

Watch and Learn: PharmaPort™ 360Open the link in a new window

Our exclusive container has temperature-sensitive shipping down cold. See how we're delivering more options and reducing risk to your products.

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