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Unlock Value with Hospital Logistics

Rising costs, falling reimbursement rates, and diminishing margins are making it more difficult than ever for hospital managers to deliver the highest quality patient care. We feel their pain. Hidden transportation charges and inefficient inventory management can be a significant drain on resources. But with our logistics expertise, we can help hospitals, clinics, and other care facilities unlock value in their inbound supply chains--and use those savings elsewhere. 

Working with TRIOSE, a world-class healthcare solutions provider, we can custom design an end-to-end logistics solution that requires no investment in specialized systems or staffing, and help you leverage tools such as our self-serve shipping, tracking, and billing technology. Our dedicated logistics experts work with your vendors to streamline your inbound inventory, help you stay compliant, and uncover hidden transportation charges, ensuring you never pay more than necessary for transportation.

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Optimize Inbound Transportation

Let Us Take Care of Logistics, So You Can Better Care for Patients

Transportation charges can account for up to 10 percent of supply-related costs. We'll scrutinize how and when your purchases arrive to eliminate unnecessary expedited shipping charges that needlessly add costs.

Meanwhile, you can focus on what's most important--patient care.

Try Our Comprehensive Tracking Technology

Quantum View® Manage, a secure, web-based tracking system, gives you details on all incoming shipments. Select the inbound view for a list of shipments by expected delivery date and set up alerts for easy monitoring. Knowing which supplies and pharmaceuticals are in transit can help with inventory planning to reduce carrying costs.

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Reduce Overall Costs

Let Us Help Save You Money, So You Can Help Save Lives

Supply chain costs are the second-largest expense for many hospitals. We'll help you reduce costs by working with a variety of healthcare companies, hospital suppliers, and medical equipment producers.

Together, we can help improve your margins--and you won't have to invest in specialized staffing.

Try Our Shipping Administration Technology

UPS CampusShip® is a web-based shipping application that supports multiple users across multiple locations. Designed with administrative controls, it allows you to reduce costs by managing users' access to different shipping options and assigning reference codes for quick cost allocation.

Learn More About UPS CampusShip

Manage Cash Flow

Let Us Provide Billing Insight, So You Can Allocate Costs

For control over more complex payment systems, our Billing Analysis Tool can create custom reports to help support analysis of billing processes, accurately allocate costs among departments, and provide billing reconciliation down to the individual transaction level.

Try Bundling Our Solutions

We recommend bundling three UPS technology solutions--Quantum View Manage, CampusShip, and UPS Billing Center--to simplify business processes. One ups.com ID and password can help you improve cash flow, streamline cost allocation, manage expenses, and save time.

Learn More About Simplified Cash Flow Management

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