UPS Founders' Day: From Teenage Feet to Global Fleet

Anybody can deliver packages. What sets UPS apart is our founding culture and principles that were built with as much care as our devotion to package delivery. From the humble origin of message delivery more than 100 years ago--to transporting over 16 million packages per day, August 28 marks the company's annual Founders' Day. It's a day to celebrate and to remember that we are a "big" small company, still guided by founder Jim Casey's set standards.

"There can be no glamour, no romance, no truly great success, unless shared in by all," said Jim Casey about employees contributing to the success of UPS. The word "united" was adopted as part of our name in 1919 to serve as a reminder that the company's operations in each city were part of the same organization. Focusing on Jim Casey's original core principles has allowed us to run the tightest ship in the shipping business.

Helping Shippers Overcome Challenges Around the World

While maintaining the basic routine of around-the-clock, domestic pickup and delivery, UPS broke down the barriers of shipping overseas. Not only do we see society as villages and neighborhoods where we deliver packages to doorways, we also see society at the global level as an international organization working wherever commerce reaches. Our integrated ground, air, and ocean global network runs on services that customers around the world rely on. UPS serves more than 220 countries and territories and has a presence in all of the world's major economies. 

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Big Brown, Deeply Rooted in Green

Our planet is our partner. The size of UPS comes with a large imprint on the enviroment. Sustainability and social responsibility are priorities at UPS. We strive to protect the environment through our comprehensive Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Strategy, measuring and addressing all possible sources of GHG for our operations and our customers.

Many efforts of acting sustainably tie in with our community involvement. Community and environmental sustainability are two strategic areas where The UPS Foundation focuses its work, along with diversity and volunteerism. Approximately two million volunteer hours are donated by UPS employees and their families annually. With both hours and money donated into our United Way Program, we've even made it possible to have humanitarian relief efforts in 35 countries.

With past achievements and future goals, our customers remain our constant commitment. As the needs of customers have changed, so have we. Quality, service, variety, reliability, and cost efficiency have gone into crafting UPS's products and services for more than a century.

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United We Are

"Remember that the story is to be about us--not about me. Determined people working together can do anything."

-UPS Founder Jim Casey when interviewed for a profile in the New Yorker, 1947.

Evolving Our Brand

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