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Law Firms

A more productive practice is a more profitable one.

When your legal business measures life by billable hours, you've got to make every minute count. We can help you streamline law firm shipping processes, shed inefficiencies, and save valuable time and money.

Expedite Billing and Validate Client or Matter Codes Automatically
Accurate and timely invoicing is a necessity for you. Use UPS CampusShip® to improve cost allocation by and entering required client or matter codes on shipping invoices, which are then validated against your approved codes. Organized on one invoice, billing is simplified.

Streamline Your Invoicing with UPS Billing Solutions

Satisfy Urgent Shipping Needs with Ease

Getting your law firm's shipments delivered on time is critical, even when you're working late. With UPS, you've got one reliable driver who knows your business, who handles all your air, ground and international packages for both pickups and deliveries. And our proven early morning capabilities mean you can feel confident that important legal documents will arrive on schedule.

Learn More About UPS Shipping and Pickup Options

Stay in Control of In-transit Shipments

Whether the address is incorrect or you suspect fraudulent activity, UPS Delivery Intercept® lets you stop documents before delivery, enabling you to return, hold, or redirect the shipment.

Take Control with UPS Delivery Intercept

Promote Your Brand with Customized Express Envelopes

Now your overnight express envelopes can make a strong statement about your firm. Put your logo on the front of customized UPS Express® envelopes and make a powerful impression on your clients. And our reusable envelopes give your clients a sustainable way to return signed documents back to you.

See How Custom Envelopes Help Promote Your Law Firm

Thought Leadership

Download: Building a Case for Law Efficiency

Get survey results about the key focus areas for law firms from legal administrators who attended the ALA conference.

Read and Learn: Stop Shipping Profits Out the Door

This American Lawyer Media whitepaper explores how smarter shipping can increase cost savings and productivity.

Real Stories

Meet: Alston & Bird LLP

No more paper chase for this law firm. Web-based shipping solution makes discovery a breeze.

Gain Insight

Read and Discover: UPS Solutions for Law Firms

Find ways to simplify operations throughout your firm--increasing productivity, cutting costs, and delivering client satisfaction.

Read and Learn: The UPS Next Day Air Advantage

Reach more locations earlier than FedEx.

Download: Take Flight with UPS

We deliver to more ZIP Codes by 10:30 a.m. than FedEx.

Deliver Your Brand

Customized UPS Express Envelopes

See how we help create positive impressions with your express shipments.

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