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Customized Express Envelopes

Make a bold statement about your brand every time you ship with customized UPS Express Envelopes

Manage the Message

Go beyond the logo, and see more ways to influence how people perceive your business with custom envelopes. 

For companies looking to be more eco-friendly, our reusable UPS Express envelopes help you limit paper use. Say you're shipping documents that need to be returned, just include a UPS return label in this specially-designed envelope. Your client then reuses the packaging and cuts environmental impact.

And when you need to stop a shipment--whether the delivery address has changed or there's a security concern--count on UPS Delivery Intercept®. Simply make an online request to interrupt a package before delivery and choose whether you'd like to return, redirect, or hold the shipment for a later date.

Check Your Options with UPS Delivery Intercept

Available to Small Businesses and Large Corporations

Interested in making customized envelopes a part of your branding efforts? A UPS representative will work with you to set up artwork and arrange the high-quality offset printing. From there, you can order your custom envelopes and maintain inventory online.

Our express envelopes promote brands for virtually all company sizes, across industries. Already seeing the benefits are law, real estate, finance, insurance, engineering, architecture, consulting, advertising, and public relations firms; retailers; trade associations; even colleges and universities.

*Customized UPS Express envelopes are available only for United States-based customers and U.S. domestic shipments.

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