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What’s your tech-to-human ratio?

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We’re heading into annual planning season, which means many of you are thinking about your supply chain budget for 2020.

Some of the questions that are likely top of mind include: Will truckload rates remain favorable next year? Should I invest in a transportation management system or maybe new inventory management software? How many people should I look to hire and for what roles?

As Coyote’s SVP of North American Sales, these are the questions I’m hearing our customers grapple with every day.

In response to these prevalent industry questions and more, Coyote has conducted an independent survey of 350 shippers and carriers in partnership with Martec, a third-party market research company, on the intersection of technology and humanity within the supply chain industry.

On Sept. 26, I’ll share these findings in an online webinar: Technology + Humanity: Striking the Balance in Your Supply Chain.

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Our goal with this study and webinar is to equip our network of shippers and carriers with the insights and data necessary to stay competitive in today’s and tomorrow’s complex global freight market.

We’ll cover a wide range of topics, including automation and the workforce, emerging technology, human ingenuity and the optimal balance — according to real shippers and carriers — of tech and people for business success.

In addition to the webinar on Sept. 26, I’ll preview our findings at CSCMP EDGE on Sept. 16 in a live presentation.

These insights are meant to arm supply chain professionals with the knowledge they need to take their businesses to the next level. And most importantly, in both the webinar and research report, we will include actionable steps that can help you transform your business.

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In addition to sharing our research, my team looks forward to starting a broader conversation about the balance of tech and people in the supply chain industry.

Which pressing questions keep coming up in your daily conversations about this topic? How do your views on balancing technology and humanity compare to those of other industry leaders?

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To help you get started, we’ve put together a 2-minute interactive assessment to uncover your tech-to-human ratio.

Once you have your results, hold onto them. In our webinar, we’ll reveal the ideal ratio of technology to humanity, according to those we surveyed.

Reserve your webinar spot here.

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