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Best ways to ship on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day brings joy to countless loved ones every year, but it also comes with the pressure of getting your perfect gift delivered intact and on time.

Here are some packing tips and smart ways you can send Valentine’s gifts locally, domestically, and internationally that might even be faster than Cupid’s arrow.

Valentine’s Day delivery and express services

What about that last-minute gift? Is it possible to get your package delivered in time?

For fast Valentine’s delivery, you can rely on UPS Express Critical® door-to-door service. Your gifts will be delivered by the end of February 14th to ensure you put a smile on someone’s face before the day is over.

If you have a bit more time to spare, UPS Next Day Air® shipping offers a reliable next-day delivery service, which means you can ship your gift on February 13th and it will still arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.

Things to know about Valentine's Day flower delivery

There’s nothing that says “love” more than flowers.

Whether it’s for mom, grandmother, or a significant other, who doesn’t love a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers, bursting with color, this Valentine’s Day?

First, transporting flowers from the farm to your loved one is no small feat.

Freshly-cut flowers have a long journey from our temperature-controlled facilities in countries such as Colombia and Ecuador to our cutting-edge operations at Miami International Airport before reaching your loved one’s doorstep.

Second, flowers have a shorter lifespan if they’re left in transit, so speed is of the essence. Consider UPS Express® Delivery for next-day delivery options, which provides online tracking for ultimate peace of mind to get flowers delivered.

Frank Diaz, UPS Air Cargo Marketing Manager Miami, says keeping up with Cupid’s arrow when transporting flowers is top of mind at UPS. In fact, preps for flower shipments around Valentine’s Day often start as early as August.
“We want to move as quickly as possible, always preserving the flowers at the precise temperature they need to be for them to arrive in good quality for our customers.”

Shipping candy and baked goods

Over the past several years, sweethearts with a sweet tooth typically spent more than a billion dollars on candy every Valentine’s season, according to the National Retail Federation. So, what can you do to help your confection arrive pristine and on time?

While the prospect of shipping hard candy may seem relatively straightforward, baked goods and chocolates present a stickier situation.

Here are four tips that might help prevent your Valentine’s Day from turning into a disaster:

  • You’ll want to wrap your cookies in plastic to create an airtight seal.
  • If you’re shipping cupcakes, use a candy stick to keep their decorations looking gorgeous.
  • Chocolates will probably need to be shipped with a coolant, especially if you’re shipping to someplace warm. Learn more about how to ship food so it stays fresh.
  • And for help on getting your sugary shipment from point A to point B on time, check out our estimated delivery times and get a shipping quote.

Sending jewelry? Don’t forget insurance for your Valentine’s Day gifts

Remember the value of the items you’re sending this Valentine’s Day. If you’re shipping high-value goods like jewelry, consider insuring your package. These items have material value, so why not give yourself some peace of mind after your package leaves your hands?

Find out more about insuring your higher-value packages when shipping with UPS.

The UPS Store: Help is standing by

Finally, don’t forget The UPS Store®, a handy resource for getting your shipment to its final destination securely and with maximum convenience. The UPS Store® expert staff can help with sending and packing, which can be particularly reassuring for fragile or unusually-shaped items. Find The UPS Store® location nearest to you and let them take care of packaging your gifts safely.

We love what we do, too

Valentine’s Day is a chance to show how much our loved ones mean to us. Whatever you’re shipping this February, give hard-working Cupid a break and take advantage of our delivery options

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