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UPS helps electronic repair company respond faster

Technician repairs smartphone with a shattered screen

One of the most vulnerable parts of any electronic device is the screen. While a dropped phone, tablet or laptop is likely to draw a gasp from its owner, those screens are, fortunately, replaceable.

Just ask Emajor Tech LLC, a Dallas-based company that provides replacement screens to repair shops, resellers and end users through its online store. The company launched in May 2012 and has grown 20 percent or more every year since, thanks in large part to the explosive growth of mobile technology.

"When your laptop is down, you want it fixed quickly," says Jeremy Powell, a UPS senior account manager who has worked closely with Emajor Tech since the company switched to UPS last May. "Most repair shops aren't going to stock every screen for every model, so getting screens to the repair shops quickly is essential."

But with the escalating demand for faster delivery of multiple kinds of models, Emajor Tech's conventional shipping system was challenged with keeping up, which eventually led the company to ask UPS for help.

Time-in-transit enhancements boost predictability

Before partnering with Emajor Tech, UPS had recently improved UPS Ground transit times from the Dallas area. The enhancement allows companies to ship ground packages to 57 percent of U.S. customers within two days, including those in Denver, Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta and New Orleans, and to more than 70 percent of U.S. customers within three days.

That transit-time improvement would be a key factor in boosting Emajor Tech's shipping expediency and predictability.

"It is a big deal for us to get product in our customers' hands on time," says Betsy Lee, of Emajor Tech. "Because UPS can give us an ETA, we can confidently tell customers in our region they are going to get it tomorrow or in two days. Our prior carrier could not guarantee that."

Dramatic reduction in damaged shipments

In addition to enhanced transit times, UPS partnered with Emajor Tech in another important way. The company picks, packs and ships about 300 packages a day from its warehouse –all fragile laptop, tablet and smartphone screens that are vulnerable to in-transit damage.

"Their prior carrier just cut checks to pay claims, but we wanted to look for ways to solve the core problem," Powell says. "After all, if your laptop has been down for two days, and now it's going to be down for five or more while another replacement is shipped out, that's a problem. It's going to affect the customer relationship."

Working closely with the UPS Package Design and Test Lab in Chicago, Emajor Tech has tweaked packaging three times, switching to a heavier cardboard box and including cardboard insert and additional cushioning. "We needed to find a packaging solution that was both affordable and more protective," says Powell.

In addition to improving packaging, UPS changed the way Emajor shipments move through the system, Powell says. "We now provide the customer with a special plan to segregate their packages from the larger pieces in our network."

For Emajor Tech, the payoff has been tangible. "Our package damage rate was 7 percent, but now it's well below 1 percent," says Lee. "That's a huge difference since Jeremy got involved and UPS partnered with us."

To see how your company can benefit from enhanced UPS Ground transit times, click here and enter your ZIP Code.

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