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Podcast: Train your brain to pick up new habits

Train Your Brain to Pick Up New Habits

If you’ve ever attempted to meet an ambitious goal, you’re probably familiar with just how difficult it is to change your habits. You’re also probably aware of how much influence the mind has in determining whether or not you’ll be successful in that endeavor. Some days, it feels like your brain corresponds with your body and your actions. Other days, it feels like they don’t want to do anything to comply.

In a bonus episode for Secrets Of The Most Productive People, recorded live at the Fast Company Innovation Festival, we hear from neuroscientist and Fast Company contributor Tara Swart, as well as author and behavioral designer Nir Eyal, as they talk about the relationship between our brains and our actions.

We debunk misconceptions like the right brain/left brain concept and the (false) belief that you only use 10% of your brain. We talk about why it’s important to distinguish distraction from addiction and why focus is not the opposite of distraction. We also talk about the importance of identity when it comes to making a habit change. Someone who says “I am a runner” for example will likely log more miles than someone who says “I need to work out.”

This article was originally published by Fast Company and was republished with permission. 

Photo by David Matos on Unsplash

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